Thursday, June 16, 2011

HBCC 8 - A Photo Blog

Sunday 17th June, 2011, 5.45 am - While most of us preferred to catch up on our weekly backlog of sleep, 20 odd members(volunteers included) of Hyderabad bicycling club championship were found waiting at the start line for the race to start. For them , it was no ordinary Sunday, but 2nd sunday of June and time for the 8th edition of Hyderabad Bicycling club Championship. This time a road challenge. ( FYI, HBC organizes a race second Sunday of every month). I had the privilege of following the riders on my activa with photographer Devraj. Here's an pictorial account of how it went

Riders waiting for the race to start. 17 in all, not all of them in the pic

Roopak went for a sprint start

And succeeded in developed a big gap pretty soon. Rest of the ride he was on a time trial. Srikanth
had a real bad start, and is the last rider you can spot in the pic.

Vamsi and Gokul (not in pic) had a great start too, and was right behind the wheel of Sunil for quite a long time.

Murali trying to catch up Gokul and Vamsi.

Deepu had an ordinary start, but is slowly breaking away from the rest of the pack here

Mahesh, followed by Sam and Vamsi

Meanwhile Sunil broke away from the rest of the pack too, and Srikanth did a terrific job to come all the way up just behind Roopak and Sunil. Here, he is seen breathing right on Sunil's neck.

Roopak however, at the 15 km mark, had already build a minutes gap between himself and Sunil.

Sreekanth at the 21 km turn around point. By now, he has overtaken Sunil.

Gokul fighting cramps and saddle sores( new saddle)

Well, Roopak was too fast, and finished before we reached. Srikanth finishes second. Devraj(photographer) congratulates him.

1st, 2nd and 3rd, left to right

Deepu was the first MTB guy to finish, and was 5th overall. Wonder what will happen if he gets hold of a road bike.

Chilling out while waiting for the other riders to finish.

More pics of HBCC 8 here

Friday, June 3, 2011

Workshop - Fix a Flat

Lot of riders do come down from the farthest corner of the city to TBA to pick up a bike. Not a great feeling to ride down 25-30 km through traffic to get your bike serviced, for sure. Keeping them in mind, TBA will be arranging their first service camp at secunderabad on 05th June 2011.

We also thought that this would be a nice platform to have the first of our bike maintainance session - 'Fix a Flat'. ( for riders in the techier side of the town, we will have one at our store very soon ). A special thanks to Santosh who has agreed to let us highjack his garage for the camp.

When : 05-June-2011, Flat Fixing : 6 am - 7 am. Bike servicing : 7 am - 10.30 am
What : Puncture repair session followed and bike tune up for riders needing their bike to be serviced.
Cost : Puncture repair session is free. Service and tune up of bike is free for TBA customers.
Location : Plot No. #25,Venkateshwara Colony,Saraswathi Nagar, Lothkunta, Secunderabad
Click here for the map

As far as the Puncture Repair Session is concerned, we would be demonstrating
a) taking off and putting back the front and the rear wheels correctly .
b) changing a tube
c) detecting punctures and patching up tubes

Please do us at 9966040005 or send a mail to to register for the event.