Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A weekend bicycle getaway


A bicycle ride through Anatagiri forest, camping under the stars, lots of fun


24th-25th Dec 2011






North Indian vegetarian

Suggested bike Type

Mountain bikes


Rs. 2,700/person(includes accommodation, food, transportation, support)


Day 1, 24th Dec (saturday), 2011

Start time: 3.30 pm from the Campsite (at Vikarabad)

End time: 6.30 pm

Distance: 40 km

Terrain: Mix of tarmac and mud roads

Route: Through the hills and forests of Anathagiri. For almost 12 km we will ride along the backwaters of Kotepally Lake. The ride will end at Kotepally Lake. From Kotepally lake, transportation will be arranged back to the resort. Back to resort by 7.30 pm

Other related Details

*Pickup of bikes and riders from The Bike Affair at 10.30 am, Saturday 24th Dec.2011

*We will be based at Deccan Trails ( , a resort located right at the edge of the Anathgiri forest.

Lunch and dinner at Deccan Trails.

Day 2, 25th Dec (Sunday), 2011

Start time: 6.30 am from the Campsite (at Vikarabad)

End time: 10.00 am

Distance: 30 km

Terrain: Mix of tarmac, mud road, trails

Route: Ride through the serene countryside around Vikarabad, through the Ananthagiri hills

Other related Details

*We board the bus at 11.00 am from Deccan trails. Back to Hyderabad (Kondapur) by 1 pm

For Registration/Further Details

Call The Bike Affair ( at 9966040005 or email

What’s included?

1. Stay in tents

2. Lunch and dinner on 24thDec and breakfast on 25th Dec.

3. Pick up and drop from The Bike Affair, Kondapur to Deccan trails, Vikarabad, and vice versa.

4. Transport of your bike from The Bike Affair, Kondapur to Deccan trails, Vikarabad, and vice versa.

5. Support vehicle carrying snacks, water, electoral.

6. Mechanic support.

What’s not included?

1. Your bikes. You can get your own bikes, or rent a bike from us. Rental bikes will cost Rs. 450 for the entire trip.

2. Any bicycle spares that needed during the trip.

3. Bikes need to be packed by the respective owners before transporting them to destination. The Bike Affair will only provide necessary packaging materials.

4. Anything that is not mentioned under ‘what’s included’

Monday, October 24, 2011

HCC Championships Race - 5

Its time for the 5th edition of HCC Championship on Sunday, Oct 30th, 6am - 40 km road race this time. This is the second of the team events. Got the legs? Fill up the registration form below and Join the Peleton !

If you want to register your team, or want to join an existing team, send a mail to

More details here - HCC meetup page

Monday, October 17, 2011

Session on Bike maintenance and Service camp

For all you bikers who had come down from secunderabad all the way to TBA to pick up your bike, this is our way to say 'we appreciate'. This one is free service camp ( first service /basic
tune ups) for all TBA customers who stay in and around Secunderabad. If you haven't bought the bike from us, you are still welcome ( we might charge you for the service though). While you get your bike serviced, we are going to do a quick demonstration on how to sparkle,lube and maintain your drivetrain.

What : Session on Bike maintenance and Service camp
When : 21oct2011,
Where : Lothakunta, Secunderabad. Please click here

A big thanks to Santosh for helping us put the camp. To register , please mail to with the subject 'secunderabad service camp'

Monday, September 5, 2011

Workshop - Basic Bike Maintenance

Been always wanted to clean and lube your bike, but not confident enough to give it a go? This Saturday morning, get your bike at its filthiest, and get your hands all dirty to make it sparkling clean. More so, the bike that comes with the dirtiest drive train wins a free finish line degreaser:)

Details as below:

What : Basic Bike Cleaning and Maintenance workshop

Why : Because nothing in the world feels better than riding a freshly cleaned and lubed bike.

When : 10th Sep 2011, morning 7.30 am

Location : TBA store, Kondapur. More details here -

Covers : A theoretical session on what needs maintenance on your bike , how it needs to be done, usage of degreaser and multiple kind of lubes. Followed by a hands on workshop on cleaning your bike and drive train, lubing the chain , derailleurs, gear and brake cables.

Entries : 20 riders. The cap on the no. of bikes for the workshop is 10 ( preference will go to first 10 registration)

Fees : Rs 100 per participant, which will be used to cover the cost of degreasers, lubes, and a quick breakfast and chai.

The only stuffs that you need to bring are:
a) A soiled tooth brush
b) Rags/waste cloth

To register or enquire email us at or call us at the contact nos. mentioned at

Thursday, June 16, 2011

HBCC 8 - A Photo Blog

Sunday 17th June, 2011, 5.45 am - While most of us preferred to catch up on our weekly backlog of sleep, 20 odd members(volunteers included) of Hyderabad bicycling club championship were found waiting at the start line for the race to start. For them , it was no ordinary Sunday, but 2nd sunday of June and time for the 8th edition of Hyderabad Bicycling club Championship. This time a road challenge. ( FYI, HBC organizes a race second Sunday of every month). I had the privilege of following the riders on my activa with photographer Devraj. Here's an pictorial account of how it went

Riders waiting for the race to start. 17 in all, not all of them in the pic

Roopak went for a sprint start

And succeeded in developed a big gap pretty soon. Rest of the ride he was on a time trial. Srikanth
had a real bad start, and is the last rider you can spot in the pic.

Vamsi and Gokul (not in pic) had a great start too, and was right behind the wheel of Sunil for quite a long time.

Murali trying to catch up Gokul and Vamsi.

Deepu had an ordinary start, but is slowly breaking away from the rest of the pack here

Mahesh, followed by Sam and Vamsi

Meanwhile Sunil broke away from the rest of the pack too, and Srikanth did a terrific job to come all the way up just behind Roopak and Sunil. Here, he is seen breathing right on Sunil's neck.

Roopak however, at the 15 km mark, had already build a minutes gap between himself and Sunil.

Sreekanth at the 21 km turn around point. By now, he has overtaken Sunil.

Gokul fighting cramps and saddle sores( new saddle)

Well, Roopak was too fast, and finished before we reached. Srikanth finishes second. Devraj(photographer) congratulates him.

1st, 2nd and 3rd, left to right

Deepu was the first MTB guy to finish, and was 5th overall. Wonder what will happen if he gets hold of a road bike.

Chilling out while waiting for the other riders to finish.

More pics of HBCC 8 here

Friday, June 3, 2011

Workshop - Fix a Flat

Lot of riders do come down from the farthest corner of the city to TBA to pick up a bike. Not a great feeling to ride down 25-30 km through traffic to get your bike serviced, for sure. Keeping them in mind, TBA will be arranging their first service camp at secunderabad on 05th June 2011.

We also thought that this would be a nice platform to have the first of our bike maintainance session - 'Fix a Flat'. ( for riders in the techier side of the town, we will have one at our store very soon ). A special thanks to Santosh who has agreed to let us highjack his garage for the camp.

When : 05-June-2011, Flat Fixing : 6 am - 7 am. Bike servicing : 7 am - 10.30 am
What : Puncture repair session followed and bike tune up for riders needing their bike to be serviced.
Cost : Puncture repair session is free. Service and tune up of bike is free for TBA customers.
Location : Plot No. #25,Venkateshwara Colony,Saraswathi Nagar, Lothkunta, Secunderabad
Click here for the map

As far as the Puncture Repair Session is concerned, we would be demonstrating
a) taking off and putting back the front and the rear wheels correctly .
b) changing a tube
c) detecting punctures and patching up tubes

Please do us at 9966040005 or send a mail to to register for the event.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HBCC 7 - The MTB Race

Get ready for the 7th edition of the HBC Championship - this time it is an MTB one. What's more, the route is so scenic that we have decided to open it for non racers/leisure riders too. To organise it better, there will also be a donation of Rs200 per participant ( applies for racers and non racers).

Location : Around Narsapur Lake. Approx 50 km from Kondapur, and 25 km from Gandimaisamma, on the medak road. Distance: 20-30 KM.
Route : 8-9 km loop, to be ridden multiple times. Combination of untarred country roads and forest trails. Scenic and thrilling. Non racers can do at their own pace. Riders are responsible for their safety and that of other riders.
Categories : a) Racer b) Non racer/leisure rider
Start Time : 6 am for racers, 6.30 am for leisure riders.
End time : Ride will get over by 8 am. We will pack up and head back by 9 am.
Donation : Rs 200/rider. This will cover
a) to and fro transport of limited nos of bikes,
b) supply of drinking water and refreshments ( juices , electrol, banana).
c) Mechanic support ( only for genuine mechanical problems, and not for punctures)

The trail while beautiful is very unforgiving. More details on HBC meet up site

MTB with knobbies are must. Road bikes, hybrids, or mtbs with sleeks will not be allowed in the race for safety reasons.

Riders who want to join either has to RSVP on the meetup side or let me know so I can do it on their behalf. If you don't have a bike, TBA will be happy to arrange one for you at an additional cost.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Movie Time - Chasing Legends

What : Lunch, movie, coffee.
When : Sunday, 15th May 2011, 1 pm - 4 pm
Where :
My Cafe latte , Kondapur (in the lane opposite Google).
Costs : Rs 250/person ( lunch + beer/coffee + movie)

Indulge yourself in some great food at
My Cafe Latte while you watch Chasing Legends, a movie that brings out all the drama of 2009 Tour De France, as seen through the eyes of HTC Columbia.

Riders are welcome to get friends and family members along. Do block your seats by sending a mail to with subject 'Chasing Legends'. Limited seats.

Monday, April 18, 2011

TBA-Medical Workshop

For all who want to use bit of advice on first aid and injury management, Doc Muralidhar would be conduction a session on the same at The Bike Affair, 23rd April, 7.30 am. Doc Murali has been a general practitioner since the last 9 years. He is also a long distance runner and a keen cyclist.

He will cover the following

a) Accidents
- minor (bruises/road rashes/cuts/abrasions/sprains)
- major (dislocations/fractures/head injuries)

How to stabilize and manage these injuries and recognizing critical injuries.

b) Repetitive Strain Injuries
- lower back, upper back, knee, wrist
- numbness of wrist/palm,... handlebar palsy

Causes, prevention, precaution and remedy.

If time permits, he will also talk about the aspects of nutrition and hydration, before, during and after a ride.

This is a free session, but you need to register yourself by sending a mail at, with subject 'TBA-Medical Workshop'.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A weekend Bicycle Escapade : 28th-30Jan 2011

Here's a belated new year gift from TBA - A biking escapade into the hills and jungles of Ananthgiri, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now, you have always wanted to be on a vacation that lets you sample some great food and still loose a pound or two? Not to mention the terrific scenery and the awesome trails around. Pictures from the recce can be found here

What : Januari@Ananthgiri, a weekend of Bliss
When :
28-30Jan, 2011
Stay: Trails, an eco resort right at the edge of Ananthgiri Forest, Vikarabad
Food: North Indian vegetarian
Suggested Bike Type : MTB
Difficulty : Medium
Fees: Rs 4900 (+ 10.3% service tax) for the complete trip, per person on twin sharing basis.
Itinerary :

Day 1, 28-Jan-2011 :

Start point: The Bike Affair, Kondapur
End point: Deccan Trails, Vikarabad (Manneguda)

Option a) Ride to Vikarabad
Start time: 6.00 am
Route: Scenic village routes through shankarpalle, nawabpet, vikarabad, manneguda
Distance: 80 km

You will be checked in at one of the twin sharing tents at Deccan Trails, a luxury jungle resort commanding a splendid view of the ananthgiri forests. You will be based at Trails throughout this trip. Optional 10 km trail riding in ananthgiri jungles in the evening. If you don’t want to cycle any more, you can opt for a jungle walk instead.
Dinner followed by campfire.

Option b) Drive down to Vikarabad
Start time: 4.00 pm
Route: Gachibowli., Outer Ring Road, Moinabad ( via Vikarabad road), Chevela, Manneguda, Deccan Trails.

Dinner, campfire and stay at one of the twin sharing tents at Deccan trails - a luxury jungle resort commanding a splendid view of the Ananthgiri forests.

Day 2, 29-Jan -2011

Start time : 6.30 am
End time : 11 am
Distance : Around 50 km
Route : local loop, primarily trail riding through some nice and quite little villages , hills, and farmlands, in and around the ananthgiri forest belt.

Rest of the day at leisure at Trails.
Campfire after dinner

Day 3 , 30-Jan-2011

Start time : 6.30 am
End time : By 12 pm
Distance : Option of 45km or 90 km
Route : Manneguda, Vikarabad, Anathgiri, Kirelli, Kotepally lake, Vikarabad

Today’s ride is going to be through some of the serene countryside around Vikarabad - primarily a road ride through village roads, with scenic views. We will cross Vikarabad town, get onto the anathgiri hills; take a very scenic route downhill to reach the village of kirelli. We will then continue forward to the Kotepally lake. There will be a few km of nice and relaxed trail riding thrown in around the backwaters of Kotepally Lake – a birdwatchers delight. You have the option to stop the ride here (and get into the support vehicle with your bike. Around 45 km), or complete the full loop (90km) till the resort

Once you are back at resort, you will need to pack up your bikes. Packing materials will be provided. You can then head for lunch. Post lunch, transport will be arranged for you and your bikes. Destination will be The Bike Affair, Kondapur.

Whats included :
  • Stay at the luxury jungle resort Deccan trails in twin sharing tents
  • Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Food served will be north Indian vegetarian plus boiled eggs for breakfast and dinner.
  • Pick up and drop from The Bike Affair, Kondapur to Deccan trails, Vikarabad, and vice versa
  • Transport of your bike from The Bike Affair, Kondapur to Deccan trails, Vikarabad, and vice versa.
  • Support vehicle on day 3, in case you don’t want to ride the whole distance.
  • A mechanic will accompany the team of volunteers, in case you need any help with your bicycle.

Whats not included :
  • Your bikes. You can get your own bikes, or rent a bike from us. Rental bikes will cost Rs 800 for the whole trip.
  • Any bicycle spares that you may require during the trip.
  • Bikes need to be packed by the respective owners before transporting them to destination. The Bike Affair will only provide the necessary packaging materials.
  • Anything that is not mentioned under ‘what’s included’

For reservations/information, mail or call us @ 9966040005