Friday, June 28, 2013

HCCC 2013/4, 7July2013, Road Mass Start, 55 km, Medchal

Its time for the 1st Mass Start Road Road race of this season – HCCC 2013/4, Mass Start Road/Medchal/55 km. There is some good news for non roadies. We have now introduced a new category . Its called – GLNDY( Got Legs No Drops Yet). So in essence, its  less about the bike , more about the legs :-). There is going to be seperate podium celebration for both categories!

REGISTRATION ( mandatory): HCCC 2013/4 Race Registration

When : 07 July 2013
Reporting Time : 6 am
Route map ( Miyapur to Start Point) - How to Reach
Driving direction : The start point is right after the flyover which comes immediately after dhola ri dhani, while driving from Dhola ri Dhani to medchal. Its around 1 km from Dhola Ri Dhani.
Distance : 55 km
Registration fee : Rs 150
Transportation : We will try to carpool riders to start point. If we need to hire transport to carry bikes to start point, the cost is going to be shared among riders opting.

  • This race is the 4th race of 2013 race calender. Riders will receive points for each of the 9 races in this calender year. The grand winner of the season will be declared at the end of Dec 2013 race. There is going to be separate winner for Road and Mountain Categories.
  • Mass start - All riders start together.
  • All participants will be required to sign an indemnity bond before start of the race.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent (who will have to sign the indemnity bond and take all responsibility of the participant)
  • Helmets and gloves are mandatory.
  • Anybody who is not riding a road bike fits automatically into category GLNDY.