Monday, October 24, 2011

HCC Championships Race - 5

Its time for the 5th edition of HCC Championship on Sunday, Oct 30th, 6am - 40 km road race this time. This is the second of the team events. Got the legs? Fill up the registration form below and Join the Peleton !

If you want to register your team, or want to join an existing team, send a mail to

More details here - HCC meetup page

Monday, October 17, 2011

Session on Bike maintenance and Service camp

For all you bikers who had come down from secunderabad all the way to TBA to pick up your bike, this is our way to say 'we appreciate'. This one is free service camp ( first service /basic
tune ups) for all TBA customers who stay in and around Secunderabad. If you haven't bought the bike from us, you are still welcome ( we might charge you for the service though). While you get your bike serviced, we are going to do a quick demonstration on how to sparkle,lube and maintain your drivetrain.

What : Session on Bike maintenance and Service camp
When : 21oct2011,
Where : Lothakunta, Secunderabad. Please click here

A big thanks to Santosh for helping us put the camp. To register , please mail to with the subject 'secunderabad service camp'