Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HBCC 7 - The MTB Race

Get ready for the 7th edition of the HBC Championship - this time it is an MTB one. What's more, the route is so scenic that we have decided to open it for non racers/leisure riders too. To organise it better, there will also be a donation of Rs200 per participant ( applies for racers and non racers).

Location : Around Narsapur Lake. Approx 50 km from Kondapur, and 25 km from Gandimaisamma, on the medak road. Distance: 20-30 KM.
Route : 8-9 km loop, to be ridden multiple times. Combination of untarred country roads and forest trails. Scenic and thrilling. Non racers can do at their own pace. Riders are responsible for their safety and that of other riders.
Categories : a) Racer b) Non racer/leisure rider
Start Time : 6 am for racers, 6.30 am for leisure riders.
End time : Ride will get over by 8 am. We will pack up and head back by 9 am.
Donation : Rs 200/rider. This will cover
a) to and fro transport of limited nos of bikes,
b) supply of drinking water and refreshments ( juices , electrol, banana).
c) Mechanic support ( only for genuine mechanical problems, and not for punctures)

The trail while beautiful is very unforgiving. More details on HBC meet up site

MTB with knobbies are must. Road bikes, hybrids, or mtbs with sleeks will not be allowed in the race for safety reasons.

Riders who want to join either has to RSVP on the meetup side or let me know so I can do it on their behalf. If you don't have a bike, TBA will be happy to arrange one for you at an additional cost.


  1. Hi Krish,

    This is Kamlesh from Infosys. I was part of the Eco-ride conducted by you along with Infosys around 3 weeks back in Narsapur forest. I'm very much interested to take part in the above race, but I don't have a cycle. Please let me know if you provide a cycle on rental basis for this race so that I'll be part of this race.


  2. Deepu has started modelling? :)

  3. Hey kamlesh,

    Sure you can rent a bike from us. Do call me and we sort it out. Contact details on http://www.thebikeaffair.com/contactus.html (the first number)

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  5. Ya Animesh, 5 years down the line Deepu is gonna look back and say I got my first break at TBA:)