Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Btwin Rockrider Bikes

Lot of biking enthusiats have been enquiring us about the Btwin rockrider series of bikes. And we have them in stock now - the rockrider 5.1, the rockrider 5.2 and the rockrider 5.3. And we have them in various sizes for the right fit. In fact,we have them for the last 2 weeks and I am late with the post, as usual:)

Last saturday I took quick rides on the Rock Rider 5.2 and Rock Rider 5.3.

1. The bikes rode smooth, and the most attractive part is the pricing. Check for details.
2. The configuration for the SRAM drive train is especially good and generally comes only much more expensive bikes.
3. Very light weight.
4. In rockrider 5.2, we have a decent bike for starters, who doesn't have a budget of trek 4300 or Merida 40V, but would like to have a few more features than what a basic trek or merida offers. Of course, all this assuming he is not brand conscious.

Actually, theres nothing much to complain about if you keep the pricing in mind. Because anything better will surely increase the price. But still, a few points worth sharing.

1. Most of the components,leaving out the drive train and the brakes, are either Btwins own stuff or from hetherto unheard brands. Not that they aren't good, just that they are sort of unknown entities for me. But again, have come across only good reviews of these bikes so far. So, the componets should be pretty decent.

2. Wished the suspension fork was little more responsive. that about it for now. Now that you know where to get the rockrider bikes in Hyderabad, and that you also know a litle bit about the rockrider bikes too, only thing remains is coming down to TBA for a test ride!


  1. RR 5.2 performs really well for this price.
    I m proud to be a owner of RR5.2..
    Enjoy Ride!!!!

  2. Congrats Prabhakar! Feature wise, its difficult to beat this bike in that price range. And it also looks cool, rides well. One more thing you will note is this bike is much lighter than most in that price bracket. So enjoy your rides. Try doing some trail riding too. After all, thats what an MTB is good at:)

  3. Hey i am confused between RR 5.1 and Hercules Ryders K10 & K9..please help....

  4. RR5.3 is really good. i bought it for 20k.
    its attractive..came with disk breaks...light weight.
    In bangalore, u can have in any major bike outlets. I got it in Decathlon(Bannerghatta Rd).
    i have no complaints so far! :)

    1. You bought the 5.3 for 20K?! It's 32K currently.

      The 5.2 is selling for 20K

  5. pls let me know 5.3 is ok ???????