Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your ticket to MTB Himachal

Feeling lucky? You could get yourself an all expense paid ticket(includes event entry, airfare, stay) to MTB Himachal. Interested? Heres what you need to do - Participate in the Hercules City Challenge.

So what's the event all about?

Its a treasure hunt. It's gonna take you around your city, on your bike, in search of clues. The event will end with you heading to the finish, after you have uncovered all the clues and collected your tokens from each location. The first 2 riders finish successfully will win a free trip for the first 2 days of MTB himachal.

Others Details as below :

Date : 10th October 2010
Venue : BSA Go Somajiguda
Time : 5.45 hrs
Registration Fee : Rs 200 ( includes some free accessories that would be given away at the event day)

Registration can be done at any of the following bike stores
1. The Bike Affair
2. BSA Go Somajiguda
3. BSA Go S.P. Road

More details in link below
Note : Riders without helmets won't be allowed. Participants below 18 years aren't allowed.

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