Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skill camp - Basics of mountain biking

Learn the skills of mountain biking from Britain's ex cross country racer and expert MTB rider Richard McDowell.

What : Mountain biking skill camp
When : Saturday 25th Feb, 2012. 7 am - 8.30 am
Meeting point: Gachibowli stadium , 6.30 am. Camp location is around 3 km from stadium
Fees : Its Free!

The camp will typically cover the following
  • Bike Safety - Helmets, gloves
  • Bike fit - saddle height
  • Mounting and dismounting the right way
  • Braking dynamics - front and rear brakes
  • Pedal position
  • Descending and ascending - body position, gearing and usage of brakes
  • Cornering
  • Overcoming Trail obstacles - logs, stairs, etc
To register, please send a mail to '' with the subject 'Mountain Biking Skill Camp'

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