Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zixtro Shell - First impression

Recently at TBA we came across a very attractive and innovative saddle bag - the Zixtro Shell. The hard body, the bright matt colors, the quick release mounts, and the absence of a Zipper won our accolades. Here's a quick review of the Shell.

Zixtro Shell in Red

Zixtro Shell in Black

Zixtro Shell in Yellow

The quick release Z lock clamp sits on the saddle rails. The locking mechanism is very simple and  tool free.

The clamp fits snug , and  is compatible with most saddle rails. The only case when it might have a problem is if the saddle has been pushed to the very end of the saddle rail.

The Shell looks tiiny, but can easily hold two 700x23 tubes( btwin  ones here), a minitool , a set of tyre lever,  and some money.

The elastic band is useful in holding a little bit of money or small items

We like the fact that instead of the usual fiddle prone zips, you just need to close the wrap around velcro strap. 

With the clamp installed, putting it  on and taking it off is a breeze. Re installing the Z lock mount is also quite fast, in case  you want to switch the Shell from one bike to another. Another option  would be to invest in an extra set of quick release Z lock mounts and leave it on your other bike.

Once mounted, the Shell doesn't move around. Have tested it over some rough patches of road, and the Shell has proved to be quite reliable. Although we haven't ridden in rain, it definitely looks waterproof.  Zixtro claims it as an all weather case. Lastly, the hard molded body gives you that extra bit of confidence if you are going to throw in a phone or camera.

The rear light holder ( to fit in the rear light) works well. Unlike many other saddle bags, the light remains steady and doesn't droop; thanks to the solid body and the holder

Rarely does a saddle bag impact the look of a bike in positive way. The Zixtro Shell is probably one of those rare ones. Available @TBA and other dealers across the country in multiple colors. Priced at Rs1390.


  1. Very nice review! Excellent saddle bag. I've recently left the saddle bag on the bike while the bike was on the roof rack of a car traveling at well over 100kmph in rain. Not a drop went inside.

    Btw., great photos! :)

  2. That's heartening to know as we did not have enough opportunities to test the bag in rain. Must thank GR for the pics. He had let me burrow his SLR and 50mm lens:)