Sunday, December 27, 2009

The merida 2010 bikes

We received the first set of merida 2010 bikes this saturday evening - the merida 10V, 20V, 40V and crossway 20V. The bikes look stunning, and based on the first look, the specs seems to be upgraded quite a bit. On the MTB front, prominent were the the fork, the tyres and the brakes. Gone are the Suntour forks which have now been replaced by the RST forks. The brakes are now Avids instead of promax, and the tyres Merida instead of CST. What has gone down though was the shifter for Matts 40V, from acera rapidfire to EF50.
The crossway 20V combines looks with a pair of kenda 700c tyres, a reasonably light weight frame and lockable front suspension, and might be the kind of bike you are looking for your daily city rides.
A bit unfortunate, but not exactly unexpected are the prices - yes you guessed it right, they have gone up(refer below). Meanwhile, some pics ( Thanks to Malik for lending out his camera and helping me frame the pics, and to Karthik for his patience).

Details of the Merida 2010 adult bikes available in India at the moment are :

Merida Matts 10V (Rs 18.5k) :
Merida Juliet 10V Rs 18.5k) :
Merida Matts 20V ( Rs 22k) :
Merida Matts 40V (Rs 23.5k) :
Merida Matts 40MD (Rs 27.5k) :

Notable absentees from last year's models are merida 5V and 20MD.

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  1. Sorry, there was a mistake in the prices of Matts 20V and 40MD in the blog. Corrected now.