Monday, April 30, 2012

Get Your Basics Right - MTB Skill Camp

If you have been looking to get your basics on mountain biking right, Richard is gonna help you do just that this Sunday, 6th May 2012. Some of the things the camp is going to focus upon would be

  • Mounting and dismounting the right way
  • Braking dynamics - front and rear brakes
  • Pedal position
  • Descending and ascending - body position, gearing and usage of brakes
  • Cornering Technique

We will also try to use some props and make this a little more exciting.

More details about the event here :

What : Mountain biking skill camp
When : Sunday 6th May, 2012. 5.30 am - 8.00 am
Meeting point: Gachibowli stadium , 5.30 am. Camp location is around 3 km from stadium
Fees : Its Free!

Please note, you will need an Mountain Bike to participate in this Event. If you don't have one, we might be able to arrange one at an aditional cost. Helmet and a pair of gloves are also must.

To register, please send a mail to '' with the subject 'Mountain Biking Skill Camp'. Please mention your full name and contact number as well.

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