Thursday, May 3, 2012

Workshop - Servicing V Brakes

What: Workshop - Servicing V brakes
When: Sunday 13th May 2012, 3 pm -4.30 pm
Where: The Bike Affair store , Kondapur.
Costs : Free
Tools :  4 mm ,5 mm and 6mm allen keys, phillips screw driver, sandpaper ( you need to get them along )

Get ready to get your hands dirty again. After our last months's workshop on Basic Bike Maintenance, it is now time to get inside the Bicycle Braking System. We will start with the V brakes , also known as Linear-pull brake. Hopefully, this is going to be the first of a long series, and we intend to cover and rim brakes and disc brakes in near future.

In this workshop, you will learn
1. Adjusting your brake levers ( angle, reach, barrel)
2. Taking off the brake calipers and pads, cleaning them and put them back on the bike
3. Changing brake pads
4. Aligning the brake pads (vertical height , tangent ,vertical face ,toeing).
5. Lubing your brake cables.

This is a hands on workshop, with a maximum 3 persons working on each bike. Max registrations 15 ( 5 bikes). So hurry up and register yourself by sending a mail to with Subject 'Workshop - Servicing V brakes'. Please mention your name and contact number in the mail as well.


  1. Is it on Friday 11th May or Sunday 13th May. Please confirm.

  2. Thanks for pointing it out Sam. Its Sunday 13th May. Date corrected now:)