Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HCCC 2013/2 - Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

For all you Mountain bike fans out there, this, for a change is not about setting the tarmac on fire. This one is meant for the knobby's and is going to test your skill and endurance. Welcome to the second race of the season, Cross Country MTB race.

What is a Cross Country Mountain biking ?
Mountain Biking  puts you closely in touch with nature and the landscape and every ride has the potential to become a mini adventure. However, for some, the ultimate test is to start racing.

Cross-country racing emphasizes endurance above technical prowess. Cross-country races traditionally feature a mass start or interval start, where riders are released in several large groups divided by age and/or ability. Courses and trails consist of a mix of rough forest paths, single tracks and dirt.

Event Format : 5 laps , each lap can be summed up as 3 km of dirt, rock and climb to test your skill and endurance.

Venue : Ameenpur lake. Click here for directions  from Miyapur X roads
Race starts @ Sunday 5.40 am , 05 May  2013
Registration fee : Rs 200/rider.Will be collected at the venue at 5.00  am.

Things to Get Along :

1. Bicycle in Good working condition.
2. Water Bottle/Hydration pack
  1. This race is the second race of 2013 race calender. Riders will receive points for each of the 9 races in this calender year. The grand winner of the season will be declared at the end of Dec 2013 race. There is going to be separate winner for Road and Mountain Categories.
  2. Mass start - All riders start together.
  3. All participants will be required to sign an indemnity bond before start of the race.
  4. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent (who will have to sign the indemnity bond and take all responsibility of the participant)
  5. Helmets and gloves are mandatory.
  1. You are requested to report at the venue an hour before the race starts. Participants will have to give their details, sign indemnity bonds, and install the bibs on their bikes before the briefing starts at 5.30 am.


  1. Hi Krish, will I be able to participate with a hybrid (schwinn searcher). Or is a mountain bike compulsory for the terrain.

  2. You will need a mountain bike. Hybrids will not be safe enough for the terrain.

  3. Hi Krish i own a Hercules Ryders k10 bike...can i participate in the event......

  4. Hi Kalyan, sure. Please go ahead and register.

  5. Hi Krish, Can I try this with a Rockrider 5.0 ?

  6. sure Bhuvanan, RR5.0 should be alright.