Monday, April 22, 2013

Hyderabad Duathlon on 28th April 2013

Want to set yourself a challenge? Think you are tough? The Bike Affair along with Hyderabad Runners presents the Hyderabad Duathlon for the athlete in you. Be there to get your bragging rights.

What is a Duathlon ?
As per Wikipedia, "Duathlon is an athletic event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlons." In simpler words, A duathlon is like a triathlon without the swimming,  involving two disciplines – running and cycling and three stages (run-bike-run). The distances of each activity vary according to the challenge entered.

Event Format : 5.5 km of run, 30 km bike ride, 3 km run. The clock doesn’t stop till you finish your last run. This is a race and ranking would be published after the event is over.

Venue : Gachibowli stadium, 5.30 am this Sunday(28th April 2013)

Registration fee : Rs 200/rider. Can be submitted at TBA,Kondaour before 27th April 2013 or at the venue at  28April, 5 am.

Things to Get Along :

1. Bicycle in Good working condition.
2. Running/cycling shoes.
3. Water Bottle
4. Energy drink and energy bars for you during the event

1. Mass start - everyone starts together.
2.Timing : The clock stops only when you finish your second run. Your time is going to be the full time from the start to the moment you finish the race.  So ,  transition time between running and cycling and then from cycling to running is going to be a key part of our timing.
3. Categories - only 2 , men and women.
4. Drafting is not allowed during cycling - you are not allowed to ride closer than 5. Meters to the rider in front of you. When you want to overtake, be in a different lane.
5. Follow the rules of the road - the roads are not blocked and there is traffic. Ride carefully, keep to the left of the road at all times.
6. Helmet is a must! rider without a helmet is not allowed to participate.
7. Water - Bottles drinking water would be provided at the start point of both the runs as well as the ride. You are advised to carry your own bottles during the ride.


  1. Superb event.. I've got a cut in my toe, if it heals by Sat then I'll surely be there for it :)

  2. I need a new pair of lungs and legs to do this. The ones that I had were gobbled down in a viral attack ! Hope to make it for this event and finish it one piece. Would be good to know the route.

  3. I am sure you guys should be fine and ready by sunday. Will be publishing the route tonight/first thing tomorrow morning.

  4. Can I borrow a bike? I heard that Bike Affair rents bike on affordable prices!

  5. Kindly correct the date to 28th April in the section "Registration fee : Rs 200/rider. Can be submitted at TBA,Kondaour before 27th April 2013 or at the venue at 28May, 5 am. "

  6. Kindly advice me where to rent the bike as i am not having and would really want to participate

  7. Guys, lease call Mr Nagendra of Atlanta foundation @ 9010727374. He might be able to arrange bikes on rent. thanks for pointing it out Anil. Will have it corrected soon.

  8. Where is TBA,Kondapur? I am new to Hyd and i live in Whitefields .Kindly help

  9. TBA location -

  10. Guys,

    Due to the larger than expected registration numbers,the start location has been changed. The start location for the event will now be on the service road near the ORR entry & exit ramps at the end of the ISB road in Gachibowli ( at the end of the Financial District).
    Start location google map -,78.330878&num=1&z=17&vpsrc=6&vps=4&gl=in

  11. Distances and registration Kit collection-

    1) The first leg on the run will be 5km. It will start from start point , go to financial district and then back to start point.
    2) Keeping riders safety in mind and factoring the terrain and prevailing climatic conditions, the cycling part of the leg has now been changed to 24km. It will be along the pathancheru service road and back(starting from start point)
    3) The final leg of the run will be 3km

    ( **Distances will be as close as possible to the posted distances.)

    Registration kit
    Registration Kits containing your race BIBs needs to be collected from The Bike Affair, Kondapur from 10:00am to 8:00pm today, 27th April.

    All participant will receive two race BIBs, one to be pinned (with safety pins) onto your shirt at chest level and the other smaller one to be fastened to you bicycle handle bar with the zip tie, all provided in your race kit. All participant numbers should be clearly visible to the race officials.