Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2011 Schwinn Sporterra and Sporterra Sport

Its been couple of weeks since we received our fiurst stock of the new schwinn sporterra and sporterra sport. So this is defnitely a delayed report . Overall, the sporterra series seems to have undergone a total change. The most striking change is of course the new frame. Other changes inlcude the new saddle, the tyres, the hndle bar grips, the shifters. And even the logo

The Schwinns in the box

Thats an oldie

The new logo looks quite stunning, especially on black

The 2011 sporterra looks totally different. Especially different is the frame.

And so is the sporterra sport

The frames are now more MTB inspired. The saddle, the shifters, the handle bar grips, the tyres, everything has changed. True to the MTP inspiration, the tyres have gone a little thicker. 700 x 37c

Another angle

Same with Schwinn Sporterra

The new saddle looks sleeker, and definitely is a welcome change. As before, the seat post comes withn a suspension. The quick release now comes with a rubber think on top. Welcome change again.

The bar tapes have now been upgraded to rubber grips on handlebar, which again is a nice thing. The shifters, though the same , looks differnt in their 2011 version.

The rear alivio derailleur on Searcher sport , which is ofcourse the same as it used to be in 2010 version.


  1. Over all a great Bike for long rides ..... Very comfortable...

  2. I have a question for you if you don't mind: On the Schwinn website, the new 2011 Sporterra only lists one size, that being XL; since it appears that you have the bike, I was wondering if you know what the actual frame size/seat tube measurement is in inches? Thanks! Walt

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