Thursday, December 16, 2010

TFN - Day 1

So the much awaited TFN ride started today morning. 100 riders starting together from the Koramangla sports club was sure a spectacle. A few nasty crashes (the riders are doing fine though), a few punctures, a broken derailleur hanger, and of course sore legs - thats the story of the first day. If theres one more thing that needs mention, it has to be the support stations and the route marking, which was precise at any point that had diversion. Glimpses as below

Around 25 km from start, kumar has a puncture. Mark helps him out with the tube swap.

Vandit gets some tune up down. Boni, Saravanana and Sumit completes the gang. Later in the day, I came to know boni's had small accident ( he is all fine) that broke is RD hanger.

The much awaited first support station at around 80 km mark. Stocks a bike pumps and lot of gooodies like biscuits, chikkies, maaza, minute maids, enerzol. And the volenteers were owesome.

I happened to ride with Kumar ( rides a KHS) and his friend for around 15-20km. They took a break before the 3rd support station, and I carried on.

Sunil had taken a wrong turn somewhere in the first 50 km, and wandered off quite a bit. He caught me up at the 3rd service station, where we reached just at the right time for lunch. We met randel too there who was riding his bianchi via nirone 105. But it started pouring and we had a tought time getting a shelter. We set off when the rain eased off. I managed to hang on to Sunils wheel for the next 35 km till our final destination.

The sun came out soon, and we stop to take our rain jackets off.

Sunil rides through one of the more scenic routes , around 30 km to kollegala.

Our acc for the day - kollegal yatri nivas. I finished the day with my 162 km ride, a major part being a nice downhill:)


  1. Krish, awesome updates from the first day of TFN! Eagerly awaiting more! -Venky

  2. Thanks guys. Some great scenaries for sure. The 5th day was actually the best.