Saturday, December 25, 2010

TFN - Day 4 (rest day)

So after 3 hard days of ride, one thing was sure. Nobody wanted to ride their bike on the rest day. Some riders decided to trek doddabetta, some went bird watching, some were busy cleaning and lubing their bike, and some went chocolate shopping. Places offering massage was very high in demand too. Myself, Sunil and Paul drove down to Coonoor.

Rakesh Nair giving his bike a good wash.

Myself, Paul and Sunil stop at a viewp0int on the way to Coonoor.

We met Jacob at the very laid back Coonoor town. He invited us home for a cup of coffee, and played host for a wonderful lunch at Coonoor Club, an even more laid back place.

Inside the Coonoor Club

After lunch, Jacob led us to some sight seeing around Coonoor. This picture is at the lambs rock. We were hoping to spot some bisons, but no luck

Jacob, Paul and Sunil

Came back to hotel by 6 pm. Came to know that Boni had a fabricated a derailleur hanger for his bike, and his fuji is now back to multispeed mode.

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